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  is the place to play if you want a good chance to make easy money at the tables.  There seems to be an abundance of new "rookie" players at Full Tilt.  Try to stay in the middle stakes games, from $2-$4 through $10-$20 for best results.  Play multiple tables at once to really rack up your earnings!


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With over 50,000 people online at any given time at is one of the world's largest poker rooms.  Much like Full Tilt, there seems to be a high percentage of new, inexperienced players.  Your best chances to make money here are also in the mid-stakes games, from $2-$4 through $10-$20.  Playing multiple tables at once can help you find weaker players to exploit.


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Poker Room is a well established online poker room with lots of weak players.  There are also a fair number of good players making a living at Poker Room, so make sure to keep an eye out for stronger players and avoid them.  It's easy enough to find tables full of weak players in the mid-limit and low-limit games.


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Pacific Poker seems to attract newer (weaker) players to their online game.  It may be that they've been around since 1998 and have established a solid reputation in online poker.  You should be able to find success at Pacific Poker, but don't expect the games here to be as easy as the others listed on this page.


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